Photography: Scar Story

My battle scars from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome…

Scar Story

There is something beautiful about all scars.

A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed – done with.

Harry Crews


8 thoughts on “Photography: Scar Story

  1. No…self cutting does not mean that only means someone needs help and the sooner the better..know of many tragedies where the cuts went too far and precious lifes were loss forever ! Wrong messaje…not sure if you can imagine the emptiness of seeing these lives dissapered right in front of you and you don’t have much of a choice but to bring those images back home ….terribly sad

    • hi karmami, this is actually my scar from a serious surgery due to my struggle with paget-schroetter syndrome, a rare condition that affects the thoracic outlet. i suffered several blood clots and surgery before the age of 22 and i feel it made me much stronger and able to deal with pain. i’m sorry if this gives the wrong message and i am sorry for your struggles with self cutting.


      • Sorry ..for the misunderstanding but you used the exact same words for words to describe your scars as those who cut themselves ..thinking that this is a way to desl with their emotional pain…exact same words and the ones I would never forget

      • Just to clarify. ..I am a Heath Care professional and therefore I have personally witnessed the fatal consequences….not experienced the.desire to cut myself…for any particular reason….You must of been aware of the usage of these words by those practicing self cutting !

      • karmami, this photo has nothing to do with self injury of any kind. it is simply an artistic portrayal of a difficult experience that ultimately made me a stronger person. i didn’t choose this scar. everyone fights their own battles, and this photo is meant to represent overcoming fear and learning from difficult experiences.

  2. I was just diagnosed with Paget Schroetter 5 weeks ago – all in one weekend my arm ballooned up with a blood clot, I was hospitalized for a clot-buster catheter and then had a partial rib-resection surgery. It was presented to me as an emergency so I’ve been playing catch up now. I never had any symptoms before then and had never had any surgery or been hospitalized. I am terrified all the time now that the surgery won’t fix it or that it may have cause nerve damage. It was a horrible experience. Thank you for posting these photos. Every time I find info or photos from real people who have been through it, it helps me feel less isolated. My scar is still angry and causes a huge, ugly crease. It still feels uncomfortable and tight. I hate it. My surgeon just keeps telling me it takes “time”. I hope some day I can feel the way about mine that you do about yours…

    • Hi Emily – so sorry for the late response, I haven’t been on here in quite awhile! I’m so sorry you had to go through this whole crazy thing, too. My first blood clot happened the exact same way as yours – out of nowhere, my arm just turned this ghastly bluish-purple and swelled up to about three times its normal size. I had only very minor symptoms (slight swelling and numbness in my arm) about three days before they diagnosed me with Paget-Schroetters’ and began treating the clot. I figured it was a just sore muscle since I’d been in dance rehearsals every day – I definitely did NOT think it would be this crazy, rare condition I’d never even heard of!

      To put your mind at ease, please know that having the surgery immediately was the BEST thing for you! The Dr.’s pushed me to do it right away also, but me being stubborn just could not fathom that taking my rib out would fix this! No, I needed to get TWO more clots before I finally agreed to have the rib-resection, and I wish I had gotten it over with sooner (I was absolutely terrified of having surgery.) Trust me, that operation is THE best fix. The chance of you getting another clot in that same arm is basically non-existent.

      It’s been about two and a half years now since my operation, and other than some muscle weakness, I’ve had absolutely no problems. I still dance and practice gymnastics, too 🙂 As for nerve damage, I did lose feeling in the area between my scar and my elbow for several months, but I never really noticed it – it did not affect the use of my arm at all, and eventually all the feeling came back. And as for my scar, it now looks like nothing more than a bit of razor burn! It will take time, but before you know it, your scar will hardly even be visible anymore.

      There’s no need to worry now – put your mind to rest! The best thing about our condition is that having that surgery truly does fix it. Your troubles are over now, the worst is behind you! Tell your story and embrace the battle scar ❤ I know there aren't too many people who have Paget-Schroetters, so if you would like to chat more about it or see what my scar looks like now please email me anytime at Hope you are having a speedy recovery process, and like I said – the worst is over! No worries 🙂

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