Welcome To The Age Of Feelings

“No one told us we’d graduate into a world where being voraciously passionate about everything but specialized in nothing (except for art or music or whatever it was that made Mom and Dad hug us as children) was a bad prescription for a career.”

Thought Catalog

Every so often when I have nothing to do on a Thursday night, I go, “I’m gonna get drunk and write something that gets, like, 11,000 Facebook shares.” This makes me sound obnoxious, I know. It’s like, bitch, no one wants to hear your selfish rambling. Except they do. I’m a 21st century internet writer. Sorry.

Okay, hang on. I’m frontin’ a little bit. Let’s back up.

So there was this TIME magazine article about Thought Catalog, examining the massive popularity of young people’s personal narratives. The article is quick to note that critics call us “narcissistic,” and the first such critic cited by name is Gawker.

It’d be an understatement to say the Gawker network saw its own heavily-scrutinized, meteoric rise not too many years ago. In the early millennium, Gawker literally reformatted web journalism by pioneering the blog-format quick hit — and the movement was led…

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